ZERO-X by Aoshima

Mike Pigott looks at another one Gerry Anderson’s TV-21 models… a spectacular model of the interplanetary spacecraft seen in the feature film Thunderbirds Are Go!, produced by Aoshima of Japan.

The 1966 film Thunderbirds Are Go was a feature-length spin-off from the popular TV series Thunderbirds. However, the real star of the movie was not one of the Tracy brothers or a Thunderbird craft, but an interplanetary spaceship with the code-name Zero-X.

Many years later, in 2006, Japanese hobby company Aoshima released an incredible diecast model of Zero-X that could perform most of the functions of the ‘real’ craft!

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Siku Ships

Mike Pigott looks at the semi-waterline ship models in 1/1400 scale made by Siku of Germany.

In 2013, the long-established German company Siku introduced a range of cruise liners to its popular diecast line. These model ships were somewhat unorthodox, being of a semi-waterline design and made to the unusual scale of 1/1400, but were interesting replicas of modern liners not previously modelled.

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Hot Wheels US Postage Stamps

Mike Pigott looks at a fascinating series of American postage stamps that feature classic Hot Wheels cars.


To tie in with the 50th Anniversary of the Hot Wheels range, in 2018 the United States Postal Service issued a set of ten Hot Wheels-themed stamps with pictures of classic models. Each stamp showed a popular car from Hot Wheels’ 50-year history. They were photographed on a strip of orange Hot Wheels track.

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Diecast London Landmarks

Mike Pigott takes a break from vehicles, and instead looks at models of famous London landmarks from well-known diecast manufacturers.

Tower Bridge

Some cities are defined by their iconic landmarks. The Eiffel Tower is synonymous with Paris. Everyone associates San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge. Some cities have more than one famous landmark. New York has the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, while Sydney is instantly recognised by its Opera House and Harbour Bridge. London has many famous structures known throughout the world, including the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge plus several more recent additions such as the O2 Dome and London Eye. In some cities the most famous building is a religious one, like Cologne Cathedral or Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmet Mosque.

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Trux CMP Lorries

Mike Pigott looks at this small range of diecast military lorries by Australian manufacturer Trux.

With the threat of war looming 1937, Britain found itself with a dire shortage of military multi-purpose trucks. The British government approached Canada to design and produce a line of light infantry trucks, as Canada had a modern and under-used auto manufacturing industry. The result was the Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) lorry, which was designed by Ford of Canada. Most of he vehicles were manufactured by the Canadian divisions of Ford and General Motors. When war broke out, Canada went into full production of CMP lorries, and over 500,000 of them were shipped to allied armies in battle zones around the world. Thousands more were built or assembled in other Commonwealth countries including Britain and Australia.

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